We offer training to young people in DR Congo so that they can access work and improve their family economy

Professional training and integration Democratic Republic of the Congo

> What drives us to perform the project

Social exclusion, no access to professional training and the job market prevent young people from coming out of extreme poverty and marginality.

> What objectives do we want to achieve

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a city with over ten million inhabitants and great social and economic problems. The last decade has seen a significant demographic increase, giving rise to a fast and unbalanced growth in the city. This has not gone hand-in-hand with the building of basic infrastructures such as streets, sewage and plumbing systems, electricity supply, drinking water, food provision, etc.

Within this backdrop, the unemployment rate is incredibly high. Most jobs are informal, chiefly employing children and women. To this we have to add the rising social phenomenon in African society of street children, who do not have the chance to access decent education and, as a direct consequence of this, cannot later find a job.

Through the project we give professional training courses in different sectors such as building, electricity, plumbing, etc., so that these young people have the opportunity to find work and thus obtain an income to help their families develop.

We have also created a professional integration office, where trained staff support young people in the search for work experience as part of the training and later in their search for work.

To carry out the entire professional training and integration support process, we work with local associations, establishing alliances with public and private entities from the professional training and integration sector.

The professional training of these young people, as well as their access to the job market, will help cover their families' needs since they can increase their income, also aiding the positive development of the city.