Business in Solidarity

For companies that wish to contribute philanthropically and effectively to tackle poverty.

How can you collaborate?

- Donate to a project: we work in different countries and thematic areas, with different collectives. Make a direct donation to the project of your choice or contact our team to learn more about the causes that need your help:

  • Encourage microfinance: Improve the living conditions of women without resources in Guatemala. Learn more about the project by clicking here.  
  • Fight against hunger: Increase the income of small farmers by means of soya production in Angola. Learn more about the project by clicking here.
  • Boost community tourism: We boost community tourism in rural areas of Ecuador so that indigenous families can reduce their levels of poverty through increased employment and income. Learn more about the project by clicking here.

- Join CODESPA: Make a donation to the mission of CODESPA, this donation will go towards covering the priority needs identified at any time by the management team.

(Account number)
ES12 0049 5232 8727 1002 9050 | ES67 2100 4770 1002 0017 6543

The collaborating company receives:

1.  Donor certificate.

2. Publicity through our communications’ channels (web, social networks, media, etc.).

3. Detailed information about the project.

4. Regular information about the foundation’s activity.


BBVA collaborates in financing our development microfinance action line. BBVA provides resources so that we can continue providing rural areas with microfinance and in developing new products adapted to the requirements of the population with scarce resources.

Roviralta Foundation is a strategic member in our development programmes. It has financed development projects in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, the Philippines, Morocco, Colombia and Nicaragua. Together we have developed very diverse projects: community-led management of tourism, creation of a variety of micro-enterprises, rural agricultural development and professional training and access to employment, among others; reaching thousands of people.